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Half Mind Dump  
02:10pm 23/01/2007
Debating writing a chick lit book. I hate myself for even thinking about it, but then again...they do sell. :)

Wishing that my W2s would come in so I can file my tax return. I hate waiting for this stuff.

Have an idea about the Grijalva mustache movie. I'm thinking maybe his 'stache meets up with Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck and Cheech Marin. Like the 'staches are old friends or something. Whaddya think? If we do decide to do this movie, I really think we should invite Mr. Grijalva to the showing. :)

My knee is feeling better. Yay!

My computer should be here by the end of the week.

Barnyard is a funny movie.

HP4 is still a pretty good flick, but I think I like 3 better.

Next week is gonna suck as far as working goes, *but* I'm still working less hours than I was before. Seriously, I feel like I'm on a vacation or something. I don't know what to do with myself!

Loretta has been attached to me most of the day. I think she likes that I am home more often now. I hope I don't get a co-dependent cat. That would suck. If I wanted that, I'd get a dog. Ha!

I hung up more pictures yesterday, I think they look pretty good. I need to go take more though. Maybe when Anne gets here we can go on a "hike" and go take pictures or something. I <3 being artsy fartsy.

Btw, anyone know anyone who wants to buy a leather sofa and recliner? Perhaps a massage chair? How about a dining room table and chairs? There is a bookcase hanging in the balance here people. Get out there and find me a buyer. It's all in good condition. :)
mood: cheerfulcheerful
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