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A customer asked me the other night when I delivered her pizza if doing this job scared me. I answered an honest "No."

And I wonder, did she ask me because I'm a woman or just because it's a fairly dangerous job in general like this guy's encounter with customers or the fact that pizza delivery is one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S. according to the National Labor Statistics or whatever.

And I was able to answer "No."

I've had a few close calls, but nothing has happened. *knock wood*

How was I able to answer "No." so emphatically and without hesitation? Probably the same reason I was able to walk around campus at night by myself without fear. Why would someone attack me? Why would someone want to make some attempt to overpower me? I'm not a tiny person. Whereas a friend of mine who was a few inches shorter than me and much more petite was raped twice while we were in college. Why? Who knows? I didn't put myself in quite a few of the situations that she did, but then again, I put myself in a few others that could have been worse than she put herself in. The GHB incident comes to mind. Funnily enough, she was there for that. If not for a friend at the time there may have been some issues that arose from that. Then again, I wasn't as drunk as she was. Yeah.

It is something that makes you think. I understand that my family worries about me doing what I do, but I enjoy it. I like that glimpse into these peoples' lives. How their houses look (they always seem so much cleaner than mine), where they take the food, what kind of pets they have. You know, typical me things. :)

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