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Well, I'm legal again! Yay! Took the car for emissions testing, passed. I was a little bummed that I didn't get to do the engine revving and what not. They just plugged my car in. That was sad. It did make it go quicker though. You would think they would have a lane JUST for people who need to be plugged in. The reason it took me more than ten minutes is because I was behind two people who got to rev. Lucky bastards.

I also got to stand on a happy face. That was fun.

Drove over to get a copy of my insurance. I have no idea where I put the cards. *sigh* I'll find them now that I have the copies. And then I came home to pay for my registration. Ouch. But, I'm street legal again, that's all that matters.

Another long night of work tonight, then opening tomorrow then only one hour on Friday. Maybe. I'll probably get roped into driving Friday night since we have a new guy and two other drivers, one of which has the ability to move so fast he goes slow. It's interesting to say the least.

And now to restore a bit of order to the old computer before I ship it off to Heather. Yay!

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