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Today wasn't so bad. It was freaking slow is what it mostly was. Oy vey. However, people seemed to call just far enough apart that I really couldn't much done in the way of paperwork. Dammit. I may get some of that done tomorrow before the meeting.

The mysterious new guy showed up around 10 this morning as I was prepping a slice pie. I let him in and he says, "Hi. I'm the new guy. I start today."

I just looked at him blankly. Then I remembered, "Oh! Adam's guy. Right, ok."

He didn't tell me his name until I *asked* him. Apparently it's top secret information. *rolls eyes*. Then Danny shows up and handles all the paperwork for him and everything. Gives him the orientation tour and I'm hearing snippets of the conversation as I'm doing the food order. The funniest snippet was while I was in the dry storage room and they were in the office looking at food cost papers and what not that are taped to the window.

"So, do managers do the schedule?"
"Will I be doing the schedule?"
"No, you're just a driver right now."

I about cracked up. Seriously. This kid kept talking like he was going to be taking over the store in like ten minutes. I shot a few death looks to his back while they were wandering about. I'm inclined to not like him, but at the same time I need to be nice and like him, since he's an employee and coworker and all. I am beginning to understand some of the managers that I've had in the past who would freak out after a few months and start trying to not let me learn new things. They were afraid I was after their job, the problem here is...he *is* after my job. Oy vey again!

I'm waiting to see the ego clash between this new guy and one of my drivers, M. I think it will provide lots of amusement over the next few weeks. Of course, the funniest part of this new guy is that he has no availability on Friday and Saturday. *bangs head on desk* THAT'S WHEN I NEED DRIVERS THE MOST. *sigh* Apparently, he tattoos people out of his house or some nonsense. Whatevs.

Anyways, he came back later today to officially start training and what not. And he starts in with "Oh, I'll have to bring in my docker. This one is from the stone age." Ok. Dude. Seriously. You haven't been here an hour yet and you are already trying to change everything. Just work with the tools you have and slowly bring up ideas. Like I said, I'm trying to keep an open mind, but it's gonna be tough.

When I start on salary is still up in the air, but I've got people working on telling me wtf is going on with that. And the red lines on my LJ are driving me nuts. I know it's the spellcheck, but I don't remember turning that damn feature on. Of course, it just helped me now that I'm bitching about it, I originally typed freature, not feature. :)

My hands are cold. I think I'm only working for an hour tomorrow. That is still up in the air. And I hope new driver dude found the money he made last night. I would hate it if he didn't. At least he had the good sense to ask for the organizer wallet thingie. Good kid.

Ok, need to get ready for a drink and a show. SMOOCHES!

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