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Mojitos are pretty tasty. I think they should be a once in a while drink, I don't know if I could handle that much lime, mint and sugar all the time.

Brian was fabulous at open mic at epic. Yes, I went into epic. I can no longer own the fact that I worked on 4th and hung out on 4th and NEVER went into epic. *sigh* It was worth it though, although that cookie wasn't too great, but it was still slightly tasty. I'm just wondering why no cafe around here can make chewy cookies. Is that so tough? Why do they all have to be so crunchy? Sheesh.

There was a near beating last night. I was sitting outside at Plush and these people came out to have a smoke and drink their various girl drinks (seriously, this stuff looked fruity as all get out) and started talking about who they should call to come hang out with them.

*valley girl voice* "I don't really like Maloney's, it's too 'thuggish ruggish' now. O'Malleys is a little better."
*clueless dude with her* "Isn't that kind of frat boyish?"
*VG* "Yeah, but I'd rather hang out with them. At least they are amusing. Right now the line is too long to get in, so we can hang out here for a while before going over there."
*CD* "Allright."
*random chick with them* "I am so cold!"
*CD* "Oh, well, you don't have a jacket, I guess I can understand that. Otherwise, it's not that cold out."

this, dear readers, is where it gets hilarious and well...when I wanted to start punching people.
VG: Did you see that Al Gore movie? I thought it was going to be really boring, but there were scenes where I wanted to cry. Oh my god, it was so terrible! But, I had to read his book for one of my classes, it was called, uhhhh I forget, but it had a big earth on the cover. That was a pretty good book, but that was about salinization (ok, color me surprised that she was able to pronounce the word) and not global warming.
CD: Yeah, the weather has been pretty freaky lately.
VG: I mean, I was talking to my relatives in Michigan and they were all "OH MY GOD I can't believe it's snowing in Arizona but not in Michigan. This is crazy!"

*me banging head against the table*

Maybe that's why I have weird marks on my forehead. Just kidding.

On with my day. Need lunch and motivation. Also need to call former temp agency to see if they are sending me a W2. That's the only thing I'm waiting on at this point. I want my refund dammit!

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