LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Yay! The Colts won.

It was really cool to see FAMU playing at the Superbowl. Perhaps one of the greatest collegiate marching bands in the country. Competition to become a member of that band is fierce and I actually knew a guy who was on the drum line. I went to high school with him. He was fantastic.

Left the RG during the 3rd quarter because the bad waitress was coming on shift. My favorite waitress, T, was going off shift. She asked if we wanted to cash out or keep the tabs open. When she told us who the waitress was, we all cashed out. We haven't been the only ones who have complained about her lack of skills as a server.

I met up with Char and we went to Bookman's where I finally got my own copy of The Big Lebowski (only $6!) and then we went grocery shopping.

You see, all night yesterday and all day today I just want to shove food down my throat. This is what depression does to you. Or ennui. Or melancholy. Or whatever the fuck that I have going on right now. But, I'm in a bad place as of now. I had to rush out of the car when Char dropped me off so I could go cry in peace. Loretta looked at me a little funny and made some plaintive meows and that kind of snapped me out of it.

I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I really need it to stop. I don't know if I need something phenomenal to happen or just something really positive to happen. I don't like uncertainty, then again, who does? And right now I'm headed into uncertainty with not too much confidence in myself.

But, at least the Colts won. And really, isn't that all that's important?

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