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So, just a quasi-quick update. I had an odd dream Monday morning. The local radio morning show had been touting a big announcement that would be made during the morning show all weekend long. So, I happen to have this station on my alarm clock to wake me up every day. So, I'm asleep and don't consciously realize that I'm listening to the radio. I'm in a park in a shady spot on a park bench facing the lead guy on the show (I used to work at that station, so I know what these people look like, and how they came into work everyday, so this isn't like I'm making up faces and what not) and Kennedy (yes, the VJ from MTV) is there and she is holding up a rolled parchment, like from a Cinderella movie or something and she begins to read the announcement. Everyone is gathered around and I'm still the only one sitting, well, the lead guy too. The announcement is made, his girlfriend is going to have a baby! I shake his hand, wish him the best of luck and congratulations and he thanks me and moves onto the crowd of wellwishers. Then I woke up and they were saying the announcement on the air.

What the hell does this mean???

Otherwise, things are okay. I'm having some personal issues, nothing that I can really talk about here, but other than that, it's all hunky dory.

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