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My first manager meeting. *insert impressed oohs and ahhs here* Nothing like getting a talking to on your first meeting. Not to me personally, but damn it felt like it.

I have some big shoes to fill and I have a feeling I'm going to be working insanely hard for the next few months. Of course, I enjoy working so this isn't too big of an issue.

I thought I had a lunch date this afternoon, but it is actually tomorrow. Oops. So, instead I had a rather tasty grilled cheese sandwich from Rincon market. The potatoes aren't as good as the sandwich was, though.

This is my last week of scheduled driving. I am going to miss it. I like being out on the road, even as much as I bitch about it. Getting out of the store is always a nice thing.

Loretta is about half of Vera's size now. She's so big. And pushy. And adorable. I'll have to take some new pictures and upload. Cute widdle kitty butt.

I really have nothing of importance to say right now. I need to think and mull and sort before I can put the thoughts down, but at the same time, it's nice to not have them floating around as much in my head.

Also, this is pretty funny.

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