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Pretty hectic night. Had a nice busy dinner time. It lasted until about 8 or so. Then, of course, three last minute deliveries. One all the way out to La Paloma. My drivers ran around like crazy tonight. I hope they made good money.

I get to drive tomorrow night. I'm happy. It's one of my last driving shifts. I'm sad. I won't miss the wear and tear on my car, but I will miss the getting out of the store. Away from the phone.

I stayed super late tonight because of the late deliveries and no closing driver. It's not a big deal to do closing driver, just a pain in the ass when you have all the other things to do. I managed to get it all done though. I almost forgot to put in the produce order. That would have been bad.

This weekend is looking like a pretty good one. The delivery money will help fund fun things. I'll just have to be a little less fun than I normally would like to.

I'm still on the fence with Mr. Charisma. I saw him standing around a few times tonight. I had to tell him to get on the line and help make some orders. We were starting to back up a bit. On a better note, at least my drivers didn't have to hop on the line tonight. The orders were either already done or just coming out of the oven. I like it when it works like that.

After I finish my drink, I'm going to go pass out.

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