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I had my team meeting this evening. Fixed the paper up. One of my teammates misunderstood his assignment and pretty much did what I had done in terms of subject matter. No problem, he had just enough to salvage from his paper that I was able to make it work. So, that was good. Then we worked on our presentation, mine is by far the most boring of all of the slides, but that's okay, it's only for reference points anyways, I'll wow them with my sardonic wit (someone once told me I had sardonic eyes. I still don't know what that means).

Discussed some issues with April, that was nice. Finally able to get some semblance of real advice. THANK ALLAH FOR APRIL AND ALL SHE STANDS FOR. ALL HAIL APRIL!!! *bows*

I've just been kind of blah lately. I have to figure out what to start doing to make myself less blah and more huzzah. It'll come to me in an inspiration I'm sure.

Oh yeah, and it's FUCKING FREEZING. Just thought I'd share.

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