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I achieved my goal of getting the bulk of the paperwork done before C came into work today. She's terribly distracting when she comes into the office to do "paperwork". While looking at last year's numbers to figure out this week's numbers we realized the rodeo is next week. It still baffles me that "everyone" gets two days off to go to a rodeo. What is up with that?

I'm feeling a bit more confident about paperwork. I really really really need to work on my speed on topping pizzas and actually tossing dough.

I'm getting laundry done right now, that makes me happy. Now, I just have to figure out where to stash all this shit so that my friend doesn't see what a slob I *truly* am. Even though we lived together for about 2 years.

Seriously, how did I accumulate so much crap? I know as soon as I actually go through all of it I'll probably wind up throwing about 75% or more of it away, but for now, wtf?

The cats are going to hate it when I turn on the vacuum cleaner again. I wonder if that helped bond them at all. Something to ponder. It's doubtful, though. Vera was still growling at Loretta the other night. After she came out from under the bed, that is.

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