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No Anne this weekend. :(

Couldn't get a seat on a flight, they were all booked up. Who knew President's Day was such a huge holiday? I certainly didn't as I have NEVER in my life had that day off. Unless schools get it off, in which case, I probably did have it off.

Anyways. I think I did payroll correctly, so that is good. If not, I'll hear about it tomorrow, I'm quite sure. I made a booboo and did a new hire today. I am a bad bad person.

I think I did pretty okay today. It was a little rushed in the beginning of the day and I did all the tossing of the dough myself. They came out pretty nice. I'm getting much better and a little faster. I think I set a personal record in creating a Chicken Primavera today. I hate those. Ew.

The heart shaped pizza I made today turned out pretty nice. That was a good ego boost.

I'm still bummed about Anne, but Helm is in town, so that makes things a little easier to handle. :)


Here's hoping you get into grad school here.

Ok, I better get to bed I have an 11 hour day tomorrow. Oof.

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