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I watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy last night. Meh. Alan Rickman was cool. :) I'm guessing the book is better. Of course, I'll have to wait about, ohhhhh, a year before I can consider reading it, otherwise I'll just have the movie in my head.

New HP comes out in July, I'll need to reread the last one before it comes out so I can familiarize myself with what has happened before. Of course, I'll have to find some time for that. Maybe a nice day in the park will be just the thing.

I'll be talking to Mr. Charisma tonight about moving into the supervisory position. Honestly, it's a move based on desperation, I need a supervisor and he's ready to do it. We'll see how he does with the training.

I was going to do some laundry, but someone had already taken all four machines. And it's too late in the day for me to wait until one is ready. Then I'd have to wait for the dryer. I'll either be doing that this evening or in the morning. Rule Lady likes to do her laundry on Wednesdays and I hate being in there when she is in there. Heaven forbid I leave one of the doors open. Can't have that, even though I'm walking right back out in less than three minutes. Nope nope nope, gotta have them closed at all times. Grrrrrrr

I think I might have a little nap before work. Yay!

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