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I finally got my new shoes. Yay! Brand new red Converse. mmmmmm red shoes. :)

I daresay that yesterday was an interesting day. Remember how I said that I was going to be talking to Mr. Charisma about finally moving up? Yeah, didn't happen. You want to know why? Of course you do! Because he's too busy chasing around one of the 17 year olds instead of answering the phone and getting deliveries out on the road.

You see, the phone was ringing last night. Line 4. I have two people standing in the back, one who is off the clock, one person working the cut table and myself. I am on the phone taking an order. I ask the woman to hold for a moment and yell back "Hey! Get the phone."

What does he do? He lets it ring about three more times before he answers it, "Store name, hold."

Dude. We don't do that. Especially not line 4. Line 4 is the line that corporate calls into. It's usually a good way of knowing it's them if it is just that line ringing. Or R's girlfriend. Dipshit. I digress. So, I see that whoever was on hold hung up. I finish the order and my cell phone starts ringing. The mystery of line 4 has been solved. Absolutely ridiculous. I yell at the 17 year olds about "hanging out" instead of working and get, "But I'm off the clock!"
"Yes, you are. He's not."

So, today I get to talk to him about actually, I don't know, WORKING instead of hanging out. Yes there are times when it is slow and hey, a little idle chit chat is fine. At least try to look busy. But, for the love of Pete, let's answer the phones so we can GET business so we can be busy.

I don't know why Loretta loves licking my arm so much.

In going to get my new shoes, I was assisted by a very nice salesperson at Famous Footwear. Since I have do a business of the week. They'll be getting a couple of pies on Saturday afternoon. To thank them for helping me get my new red shoes and well, to fulfill some of my managerial obligations.

One of the customers last night was a middle aged woman who was very pleasant. I asked her how her day was and she said, "It's fine. Actually, no, it sucked. I'm getting fired tomorrow."
"That's terrible. I'm always looking for drivers if you'd like to get a part time gig for a while."
"Hmm. That's something to think about. I'm getting tired of being a professional and always getting shit on."
I just kind of looked at her and wanted to say, "Well, you'll probably get shit on here, too, but at least it's by people you only have to look at for about a minute while they hand you the money and a chintzy tip." Instead, I just smiled and said, "Yeah, that's why I left it, too."

When I handed her her pizza, I put an application on top of the box. "In case you decide to make a career change."

"I'll definitely think about it."

If she comes in, she is so hired. What was really funny about last night was that with the exception of the drivers, it was all ladies working. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH My store will soon be the lady store. :)

Ok, probably not. But it would be interesting to try.

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