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(no subject)  
01:15pm 25/02/2007
After 4 stores (one of which I did not go to) I *finally* have Colin Hay's "Going Somewhere". And for the fairly reasonable price of $13.99. Yay!

Today shall be a day of resting. And laundry. Probably about three or so I'll throw a load in the wash. Hopefully the laundry room will be available then. If not, I guess I'll have to load up the mp3 player and head over to the laundromat. I really hate laundromats right now, too many unruly children and the feeling of being trapped whilst waiting for your clothes to be done. At least at the laundry room here, I can come back to the house and do other things, like sit around and play Freecell.

Oh! I apparently met the star of the lesbian community yesterday. I was attracted to her and chicks really just don't do it for me. It was crazy! I feel so honored. :)

Will there be watching of the Oscars tonight? I'm not really into them that much since movies that are terrible seem to win things. At the same time, I'm slightly curious. Eh, we'll see.

Ok. Time to finish Cool Hand Luke then laundry then deciding on my evening plans. Yay!
mood: geekygeeky
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(no subject)
11:35pm 25/02/2007 (UTC)
Spoiler alert: He eats the eggs. But then dies of egg poisoning.

Who's the lezbo star? Can you introduce me? I'm kinda a fag hag these days.
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(no subject)
12:25am 26/02/2007 (UTC)
I didn't get her information. Sorry. :)

I've seen the movie before, I just really like it and wanted to watch it again. I know that only one man can eat 50 eggs.
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