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(no subject)  
07:13pm 26/02/2007
Is it better to know or not know?

You see, Kristy was tested to see if she was a carrier for a mutated gene of some sort. The whole explanation is on her blog. She is not pregnant, to my knowledge is not planning on having a baby anytime soon, but her sister just had a baby and he has the condition caused by this gene. So she was tested. She's a carrier.

Is it better to know or just go through the whole thing blindly and wait and see if your child will have this condition?

I'm leaning towards better to know. But, I tend not to like leaving things to chance. I like to plan things out, no surprises. Kind of like meticulously planned spontaneity. It's just a quirk of mine.

Work was kind of ok. I still have almost no staff. At least for the times when I need them. I accidentally scheduled myself to be in two places at once on Tuesday.

(btw, 3/6 = G's going away party. Dinner and then Plush. K? K. More info as it comes in)

So, yeah, I had to schedule myself and I accidentally scheduled myself to open. Oops. I can fix it tomorrow. It's just a pain in the ass. That's all.

I may go see Brian play tonight at the Casbah. I've never been there, so I hope it's an ok place. I think I'll eat dinner before I go out. I need to stop spending so much money on take out and restaurants. I hate budgeting.
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(no subject)
04:30am 27/02/2007 (UTC)
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Bummer, I think I am going to be in San Diego on the 6th. I'll have to see what develops...
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(no subject)
07:25am 27/02/2007 (UTC)
As the parent of a disabled child, I say it is better to know. Even if you say that no matter what you will keep the child, the earlier you arm yourself with knowledge, the better life your child can have. Some interventions can help if started as soon as possible. imagine if I knew about my son from BIRTH. He would have had years of therapy in him and be doing much better, most likely, had we known in advance.
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