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I told Brian last night that I really like the "Lisa song". I didn't go further into why, but I will here. It's one of very few songs that makes me happy and sad at the same time. Sad because I don't have someone who feels like that for me or who took the time to write down, or say, why they feel that way for me. Or that they even do. However, it makes me happy because two people that I love and appreciate have that in their lives. I like when things are going awesomely for people that I know. Even through all their rough periods they still have this really great relationship. That is fabulous. Seriously.

I watched Con Air again last night after Casbah. Such a great terrible movie. I mean, it has it all: fireball run away scenes, sweaty action heroes, John Cusack, Dave Chappelle falling from the sky with a funny look on his face and a bunny. What more could you want? Believability? Nah. Good acting? Nah, it's an action film, those two things can't go together. Should have won every Oscar that year. That's all I'm saying.

I'm feeling the need for a nap before work tonight. I think it will improve my mood a bit.

I may be going to Northern Florida/South Georgia in December for a camping trip. I just have to decide how long to take on this trip. How long can I last camping? Not very. I don't think I was meant for the outdoorsy life.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had stayed in Florida. Probably not much of anything.

I like the new socks I bought. They are quite comfy. My new shoes are getting dirty, though. That makes me not so happy, but I understand.

My arms hurt from lifting oven parts yesterday. I should start lifting weights or something. Or throw more people over buildings.

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