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I took muscle relaxers last night because I was so tense it was ridiculous. Yesterday was go go go go go all day long. My 2:00 p.m. interview never showed up, my weekend only driver called in quit and my midshift cook/dough guy was so sick he vomited. Thankfully, his vomiting didn't happen until *after* he made all the dough/sauce/cheese. Had he stayed through the entire shift I probably would have been able to get out of there when I was supposed to. Oh well. That's what this job is all about, right?

What's really funny about this guy is that he whines about needing all his hours back, but when you think about it, with all the hours he's missing he's working about the same amount anyway. But, logic escapes certain people.

I think I need a new mattress. What's up with the wind today? Sheesh.

Need to do a lot of cleaning today. Fun and exciting that is.
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