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(no subject)  
01:09pm 04/03/2007
The internet is a funny place. I don't know these two women (Kristy and barmaidblog) and yet I know so much about their lives. Not all of it, just what they choose to share. And I feel for their situations. One is undergoing the realization that she is a carrier for a gene which is a cause for mental retardation and this will impact her decisions on having children in the future and the other is undergoing sexual harassment at her job.

While neither of these situations are unique in their own right, they are unique to these people who are undergoing them. Without the invention of the internet and web logging, I would never have known these women. I wouldn't have met 95% of the people I know in Tucson.

Just a random thought that was in my head at the moment.
mood: lazylazy
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