LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Heather's grandmother passed away around the middle of last week. She sent me a text message letting me know. They had been expecting this to happen for a while, she had been going downhill for quite some time and it just finally happened.

On Monday I called a florist who did a lot of work with the funeral home that they were using for the service and ordered an arrangement be sent over. I asked for irises, lilies and if they could, some orchids. I paid $75 (including delivery fee). Apparently this arrangement was HUGE.

Mad props to the designers and telephone lady and everyone for sending that out for me. I'm just waiting for Heather to send me pictures of the arrangement. The arrangement was sent over to the hospice center near the funeral home after the services. I agree with that decision for the flowers.

Heather is taking this very well, and I think it's because it was just a matter of time before Grandma passed on. Grandma was a pretty cool lady. Traveled the world, got her hair done every week, kept up with the old school Southernness and had her church to get her through the rough times.

So, here's to you Iris Barber. May you finally have peace.

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