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(no subject)  
12:18am 14/03/2007
I'm rather surprised at the amount of comments the new titled "Kitty Kitty Pants" has received. :)

Eh, work. More work.

Tomorrow I get a apple pie shake in honor of Pi Day. This makes me quite happy.

Why do they say "T-minus 2 minutes and counting"? What is "T"? Takeoff? Tiramisu? Totally awesome?

Stopped at Circle K for gas and a beer this evening. While I was inside I noticed some escalating voices. Interesting. I get to the counter and there is a homeless guy arguing with a gangbanger-esque dude.

"I came in to pay you your respects, you gotta pay me mine," says the homeless guy.
"You need to shut up," says the gangbanger-esque dude.
back and forth back and forth and then one of the Circle K dudes comes from behind the counter and escorts homeless guy out. Gotta side with the paying customer, non?

GB-esque dude finishes up his transaction with other Circle K dude (can you believe there were two of them on shift?!?!?) and CKD asks, "So, how you been man?"
"I been in county, homes."

Fantastic. At least I wasn't an innocent bystander.

I can't find my Eddie Izzard "Circle" DVD. Anyone have it?
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(no subject)
02:37pm 14/03/2007 (UTC)
I'm quite sure it stands for tits.
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(no subject)
05:27pm 14/03/2007 (UTC)
iMitch: Pepe
While I like that answer much better... it's just "time".

Military missions used to be launched at H-Hour on D-Day. So the line would be, D-minus-two, and then on that day, H-minus-four, then T-minus-three minutes.

Since D-Day, I'm told the terms are still used... however the T-minus seems to only be used by NASA, and whoever has been hired by the villain in James Bond movies to give a convenient countdown until the end of the world. "T-minus... Sree minutes... und countink."

I have "Circle"! Once I figure out how to get my old PowerMac to accept discs from the laptop, I can send it to you on YouSendIt or something? Although I must continue to download more until I find all the skits featured in your icons.
picword: Pepe
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(no subject)
05:39pm 14/03/2007 (UTC)

I think I just let someone borrow it. The creation of the world I believe is on Glorious. British Acting is on Dress to Kill. :)
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