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I think the meeting went okay today. I still have to pull my morning person aside and have a talk about her performance. I've lost close to $200 because of screwups from her alone. *sigh*

It's funny, just when things are looking up in one department they seem to screw up in another. Bank denied me the money. I tried lendingtree.com and that's not panning out. Not enough equity in the place. Time to swallow the pride and call grandpa. I don't want to make that call, but i think if I present it in a certain way I may be able to persuade him. If he has the liquidity available for what I'm asking for.

One of my supervisors is feeling underappreciated. That makes me sad. I tell him almost everyday that he did a good job and blah blah blah. I think a sit down chat with him is necessary as well. I need to explain myself and offer some things that I think might benefit the both of us.

I also need to clean this place up. It's a mess! Maybe when I have a day off. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, nap before work. I'm closing tonight, doing inventory and payroll and then going back in the morning to do the ovens. YAY!

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