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Not my best userpic, but I was feeling saucy.

I *finally* got some beer tonight. Yay!

Now, only six more days before I can go crazy and have more than 3. :)

I have decided that it's not worth my time pursuing certain parties. The interest isn't there. I have better things to do, like pet the cats and watch tv online. Or maybe, just maybe, market my store.

I know parilous says that it's good to have crushes, but honestly, if there is no pay off, I just don't see the use. Crushing on Johnny Depp is one thing (mmmmm Captain Jack Sparrow) but on a "real" person, sorry, I just don't see it.

In other news, I'm doing a lot of closes next week, so if anyone would like to have lunch, feel free to call me. :)

Ok, off to read for a bit before I get the midnight phone call from work about where the credit card paper is or some such nonsense.

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