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I had a customer today who swore up and down that they ordered a pizza, cheese sticks and a 2 liter soda. I had no tickets with anything coming close to that combination. I looked over three days worth of tickets. The guy changed his tune about the day at first, then he starts telling me that his dad, who ordered the pizza, doesn't give out his real name. He's an attorney you see.

Uhhhh...right. No way to prove it. No box, no soda bottle, no receipt and they paid in cash.

Oh, and just now calling today to tell me about the problem. So, I gave them corporate's number and I was threatened with legal action, the police and the better business bureau.

If your dad is such a hot shot attorney, surely he knows about burden of proof.

I called corporate and talked to someone there. She isn't too concerned about the guy and agrees with me that it seems like a scammer. I hate scammers. I was so pissed off because the guy was being such a dick to me that I almost started crying. It wasn't sadness crying, it was the angry crying. Don't you hate that?

Anynoodles, tonight I am headed to a place I never thought I would go to...North on Fourth. Yes, that's right. A couple of my drivers invited me to go with them for $1 drinks. I'm happy to oblige that, even if I have to put up with a couple of fairly uncouth individuals. :)

Just hope I don't tie one on too tight, got my 9 a.m. meeting in the morning. Can't be too hungover for that. :)

Called my grandfather about a personal loan to be paid back with interest. He wasn't interested in the interest (that's a fun sentence to say) but I told him that he'd have to get over it and take it, because he was gonna get it.

I'm going to set up a payment plan with him for it, if he can get the money for me. I hope he can, I don't want to do this refinance option that I have on the backburner. It seems sketchy to me.

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