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While I am cleaning I am also rearranging. Something is wrong with life you move the furniture around. At least, that's how my family handles it.

I may do something very weird with the dining room table. Not quite sure yet what to do with it. I'm just glad it folds down.

I like the little reading area I created though. Further evidence that I am moving further away from the computer, the internet and television. I can't wait to test it out in July when the new Harry Potter comes out. Woo!

The major downfall to cleaning is that the cats really hate it. It scares them. Although, it is kind of fun to chase them with the vacuum.

And if you feel like being tied to the computer, click on buzz103.com and listen live. You have to register, which sucks, but you can hear some of my old friends from when I was an intern there. At 8 p.m. (11 EST) you can hear Metal Mick. Great guy. My other friend, Jeremy, may be on air with him tonight. I miss hearing his voice on the air.

Ok, back to rearranging and cleaning. I like my little computer area, too. But it's just uncomfortable enough that I won't sit here for hours on end watching movies on the internet.

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