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Fucking Malls

You know, you try to do a good thing for someone, and all you get is sore feet :)

Just kidding. Well, my feet do hurt, but the joy in my spirit makes them feel better. I decided (as I stated earlier) that I was forgoing buying things for my family and friends and instead buying something for a needy child through the Salvation Army.

I found a family of 4 children. I got them each two outfits and a toy. I also made sure to get them name brand clothing (not Tommy or anything like that, but the bigger names at the department stores, M.U.D.D., l.e.i., skechers, etc.)

I refuse to buy shoes because even though the shoe size was listed, I can't do that to someone. Each shoe is different and to me, feet are very important and can't be messed with by getting ill-fitting shoes. I guess it comes from coming from a family of diabetics, my aunt has lost two of her toes.

Anyways, I got the 3 year old boy the cutest dump truck set. It's on a little track and has "rocks" and everything. So adorable! The 4 year old girl got a Barbie art set, the 5 y/o girl got Walkie Talkies, and the 9 y/o girl got Twister and Operation (it was 2 for $15) and she can play twister with her brother and sisters.

I got each of the kids some jeans and nice shirts. I think that they will have a happy christmas now and have something to wear that isn't K-mart clothes and helps them to hold their heads a little higher.

Not that there is anything wrong with k-mart clothes, but I remember wearing things like that and seeing my friends and classmates in name brands and feeling somehow inadequate. So, I hope this helps them a little.

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