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Part 1

Right. So, yesterday my car was "broken" into. The door was unlocked, so that is my fault for not locking my doors. Wallet, cash (about $4) and cigarettes stolen.

Today, about 2:30 p.m. T, one of my drivers, is about to leave on a delivery when he hears my alarm going off and sees a guy in my car.
"Hey, what are you doing?"
And the guy starts walking away. T starts walking after him and says, "Hey dude, you aren't going anywhere." T is on the phone with the police at that moment.
"I got a gun."
"Yeah, right."
And he pulls the gun on him. Probably a .25, but it's holstered. T stops following him and guy takes off. While this is going on, Mr. Charisma (heretofore known as Mr. C) runs in the store and tells me that someone is breaking into my car. I don't believe him for a minute. It's the middle of the freaking day for crying out loud. Then I hear the alarm going off. I heard the alarm going off when T was going out the door, but I'm so used to that noise that I didn't pay it any attention. I go outside and T tells me that Mr. C has taken off after the guy, he points him out to me. He's in a white tank top and gray sweatpants. I keep my eyes on him as I start following. "Careful. He's got a gun."
"Yeah, and I have PMS."

I run across Speedway and notice that he's gone behind the Frazee Paint. I go around to the other side of the building so that I can meet him when he comes around the back, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled in case someone has picked him up or he's in a car or something. No luck, don't see him. I see Mr. C and he asks me where he went. I tell him I saw him go behind this building. I check in the post office, but he's not there. I ask the lady at Merle's Auto Parts if she has seen anyone run by. She says no, but she's been really busy. I head towards the Frazee Paint and meet up with Mr. C. The guy has locked himself into the bathroom there. As we are heading for the bathroom he comes out.
"There he is," I shout as I start running towards him. Mr. C does the same. "Stop that guy, he broke into my car!"
The Frazee employee near the front downs the guys and has him in a chokehold. Mr. C has him in an arm bar. I want to do nothing more than kick the shit out of the guy, but figure I really shouldn't kick a man while he's down.

"Did you steal my things yesterday, too?"
"No! It wasn't me."
"Really? So, the SAME car in two days and you take my cigarettes AGAIN!"
"It wasn't me!"

And he manages to move a little bit and there is my pack of cigarettes. I saw red. I get on the phone and call 911. They patch me through to TPD and I tell them where we are and that he is on the ground being detained. Chokehold guy asks the thief, "How old are you?"
"You're fucked."

When the cops arrive, this is so funny, they went to Merle's Auto Parts. *shakes head* Terrible. The guys in the back say, "Hey, no, over here, the guy is in here."

I think one of the customers in the store was very amused by everything. "Man, I just needed some paint and I get a whole show."

The cops take him away and we head back to the store. I later got to ride in a police car to identify the guy that they have in handcuffs. Can I just tell you how uncomfortable the back of a police car is? And I wasn't in cuffs. Although, the dude officer that was driving was cute enough that I wouldn't have minded. *wink, wink*

So, some detectives should be calling upon me tomorrow to get a full statement. Hell yeah, I am pressing charges, as is T. He did get a gun pulled on him. I thanked both T and Mr. C for helping me out. Of course, now they both want Employee of the Month. :)

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