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Getting set up this morning after the sun has risen. It's a Friday, always a busy day. School orders need to be out as soon as possible, businesses are ordering for lunch meetings, it's a very tight schedule for the driver and for the cooks. You know, Friday.

We all noticed something outside. We look up and there are three armed and kevlared policemen getting out of unmarked vehicles. They look like they mean business. Melissa and I both wonder if we should get down. We pause for about two minutes, but there doesn't seem to be any gun battle we need to worry about. So, we continue on with our day.

I get ready to go out the back and load up for the first school order and there are about 10 more policemen and policewomen out back in full kevlar. Cars and trucks are EVERYWHERE. I barely manage to get out to make my delivery.

They were all involved with the motorsports garage next door to our store. Hi, can you say Chop Shop? Because they could. I don't know how many cars they impounded, but I saw at least four tow trucks while I was coming in and out for deliveries today. Who knows how many were there while I was running all over creation today.

Yeah, it's been an exciting week.

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