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In and Out burger opened today. I forgot about that as I made my way to Target. I usually park by the garden center and check out at that register. No muss, no fuss, no long line. Bam. In and out. Ha!

No go today. Stupid hamburgers.

One of my drivers waited 2 hours in the drive thru. The amount of gas being wasted right now for a freaking hamburger is astounding. I drove by at 11:30 tonight and it was still packed.

Got another 5000 people out of the database in the computer at work. I think I may have another 3K to go before it is only 2006 and 2007 customers.

Ok, time for bed. 11 hour shift tomorrow. Yay! I fucked around through most of my shift today. Not gonna be able to do that tomorrow. Fantastico.

Also, talked to detective about the tweaker who broke into my car. They found my credit cards in his shoe when they booked him.

Stupid fuck.

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