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Tonight sucked dough balls.

Firstly, the dough sucks. It's either tougher than wood and just shrinks back OR it's too watery and your arm goes through it the minute you touch it. *sigh*

Closing driver called out, 2nd driver's car was overheating so he had to go get it fixed, 2nd cook wasn't feeling well, 1st cook kept trying to get out of here and bothering me to no end ("Can I do this? Can I do that? Can I go now?").

My salvation was one of the new cooks and Raiad. Raiad mentioned that he had never been employee of the month. Guess who the employee is for April? You got it. He has helped me out quite a bit over the past few months and I really appreciate it. I guess because he just kind of flies under the radar and talks to himself. But, he's a good kid and I think he deserves it. I'll be putting that to my supervisors at the next meeting. Ok, I need to get the end of day done so I can be back here in the morning. Yay!

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