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Really nice day today.

Got up and had some hotcakes at the Broadway Diner after a cup of coffee at the house. Then headed to 4th Ave. We walked around a bit, checked out the thrift stores and rode the trolley. Came back where we started and then went into Rustic Candle. Anne got the last Dirt scented candle. She's gonna send it to her mom. Her mom loves gardening. Every time I think of the dirt candle I think of Peace. :)

It started raining and we walked outside in the rain a bit while we headed towards the Magpies. While standing at 4th Ave and 6th St we got soaked by a passing car. That was all kinds of fun. Had our beer (Yay Kiltlifter!) and she was amazed that her skirt was dry already. I told her, "Hey, it's dry here. It happens."

Then we headed for my MGP for a slice and a nice glass of water. C wasn't in yet and hadn't called. She knew she was in at 2 because was bitching about it for the past few days. I don't know what time she came in. I resisted the urge to call and find out. I'll find out on Monday. I may need to have a chat with both her and T about their performance since they have become more open with their relationship with each other. I'm getting a little irked, to be honest. Anyways, I also found out that we were way over on our till for the night. I didn't get a phone call about it. That REALLY pissed me off. I told M to give J a little lecture about the importance of calling me and making me aware of this kind of stuff. Grrrr.

Right, so, it was also very hot in the store. I think the a/c is out again. Dammit. It was blowing hot air. We left and headed out to Bookman's. We sat around and read some books and browsed and had fun. Then to Beyond Bread for some espresso and dessert. I ran into A there, one of my former employees. She hates her job there, they actually make her work. Hehehe :)

Then out to Gates Pass for some desert scenery. So beautiful out today. The rain just really cooled everything off to a nice pleasant temperature. Nice breeze. Mmmmm. Then, to the Casino. First, we went to Desert Diamond. It's kind of creepy in there. While we ate at the cafe we watched this guy go from $30 to $120 to $0 in the span of about 30 minutes. When he lost it all, he put another $20 in and started all over again. It was mesmerizing. We missed out on the big bingo games and so headed over to Casino Del Sol. Anne and I got to play the late night bingo game for $3 a card. We didn't win. I came pretty close on the last one though.

Then sat with L and T (my day driver and her girlfriend) and chatted while they ate their dinner. Our waitress was terrible. I had to practically beg her for some iced tea. Then a few more slots and then Anne and I decided to call it a night. And now, bed time. I'm going to take her to Shot in the Dark in the morning if anyone cares to join us. We'll probably be playing Scrabble. :) :) :)

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