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11:52pm 30/04/2007
Went back to work after two whole days off in a row. I really didn't want to be back there. At least paperwork didn't take as long. I've started filling in a lot of stuff from the week before (for comparison purposes) before I save it to the desktop. It saves me about 20 minutes or so when I'm actually doing the paperwork. Wow, that was insanely boring to write and probably more so to read.

Anyways, was running around near the end of my shift to try and leave before I had to go to a meeting with the other GMs. I refused to wear my work outfit to dinner. Refused. Managed to only be 10 minutes late. Yay! After the meeting, we all returned to our stores to start on inventory and payroll. Ugh. I managed to finish everything before midnight. So that was nice. Since we had a last minute delivery I managed to get Mr. C and C to help me count a few things. That was even nicer. It's going faster than usual for me to count this stuff, but tonight was exceptionally easy as I was out of almost everything. Yay for me!

I have Wednesday off (in theory) and I think I'll make use of that time to set up my new bookcase and maybe go through old clothes and take them to Twice as Nice. I'm pretty low on cash, so I have to withhold from going out and spending. Which is a bit sad. I spent a bit too much over the weekend while Anne was here, but at least I had a good time.

I may actually find some time to read a book, or do a crossword puzzle. I think I'll make that my goal, to do a crossword puzzle. In the park.
mood: tiredtired
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