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(no subject)  
06:25pm 01/05/2007
I think the hamburger kicked my ass last night. I woke up very queasy. Managed to make it home after the meeting before I vomited. I knew it was about to happen when I was still at 4th ave.
"James, you need to hurry this up. I need to vomit."
"I need to puke but I don't want to do it in your store."

It's pretty gross.

So, made it home, and then proceeded to pass out for the next four hours. Got into work and promptly left after an hour. I'll be going back at 9 to start closing duties. I feel like warmed over shit right now.

mood: sicksick
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(no subject)
04:07am 02/05/2007 (UTC)
That sucks, right before your day off! I mean that could be good but also, who wants to be sick on their day off? What a waste. It's like when you get sick just for the weekend. Sorry girl :( Feel better!
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
(no subject)
04:53am 02/05/2007 (UTC)
it surely kicked mine.
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