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I'm going to try and give this report one more time :) OK!! (note, the cousin link and the hotel link do work. The cousin link takes you to a Yahoo! page with all of the pics...they are in order according to this entry...sorry if you have to flip back and forth, but this was the only way I could do this for now...I'll figure something out some other time when I don't have a damn headache)

Saturday afternoon had me driving to Miami to pick up my cousinAmada from her new apartment, she just started at University of Miami. The drive took us down south US1, behind some of the slowest people I have ever driven behind. Our first stop in Key West was our hotel, the Pegasus International Hotel. Lovely place. We got a room with a king size bed and a bathroom and the pool/hot tub was right outside our door on the second floor. Very excellent. We dropped our bags and went to eat at a restaurant around the corner. The hotel was on the corner of Southard and Duval St. Duval St. is the main strip in Key West, full of tourist shops and great places to eat.
We had a lovely meal of fried calamari for our appetizer. Then I had the cajun chicken ceaser salad and Amada had the blackened mahi sandwich with a creamy lime sauce. We also had margaritas and then decided to stop playing around and ordered a pitcher of sangria, most excellent. Sated, we returned to the hotel and slept the night away.

Sunday morning brought us a lovely day and a hunger for breakfast. We packed up our things, checked out and went in search of food. We found a lovely place named Muriel's. I had the mexican omelette and Amada had the lobster omelette. The coffee was nice and strong too. Full and ready to face the day, we decided to find the Southern Most Point in the U.S. There were lots of people just climbing on top of the bouy and making fools of themselves for photo ops, I took this pic from the trolley ride that we purchased on the corner of Angela St. and Duval St.

We also came across the (former) Southern Most House in the U.S. It was quite a lovely place, with cactus palms and awesome statues behind ornate gates. (I was trying to be artistic with that shot, does it show?)

Across the street from the (former) Southern Most House in the U.S. was another nice house with an excellent fountain. Then we made our way back to a trolley stop so that we could move on to the next sightseeing opportunity and photo op. We waited for about an hour because we missed the first trolley while we were shopping for our tourist trinkets. This was our view for that hour, a liquor store. We didn't go into the liquor store, but we did watch people go in for their margarita mix to waste the day away (Ob Jimmy Buffett).

Got back on the trolley and moved onwards to pass the main cemetery in Key West. Currently holding 75,000 people, all above ground and on top of each other. Being at/below sea level sometimes is a bitch, especially in the afterlife (remind me to be cremated). Then, the next stop was Mallory Square, a popular place for shopping and home of the aquarium, bird show and shipwreck museum. We purchased a few more trinkets and waited through a quick sun shower and boarded the trolley for the last time to get back to the car.

When we got back to the car, I found the most perfect souvenir of any trip...a parking ticket. You have to pay the meter on Sunday in Key West...nazis. On our way out, we drove past the southern most point again to take a shot of the ocean. If you look really really closely, maybe you can see Cuba (ok, not really, it IS 90 miles away) :)

Well, sorry if I've bored you...and I'm happy if you enjoy the photos.
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