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Today was a pretty slow day until about 4. Even then, it wasn't a typical Friday night, but at least we did some business. I doubt we hit projection. *sigh*

I think I still have whatever it was that has me feeling icky. I had a beer tonight at the garter and it tasted terrible. So i switched it to something else. Even that wasn't very tasty. And I think not eating all day and then having fried food wasn't a good idea. I'm not quite feeling as nauseous as I was on Tuesday morning, but I hope I don't get that way tomorrow morning. Let's just hope that I can get over whatever this is before next week. I need to get some more energy. I think I really need to start a walking regimen. That might help a lot of this. That and eating food. That will definitely help. Now that I have a little extra money this paycheck (I made a bonus for the month of March!) I can go buy actual groceries. Yes, faux hippie food is calling my name. Like some yogurt. My nails are shredding themselves and are so weak.

Plus, I think I've shrunk. This is not good. I'm too young to start shrinking.

I can't wait to get my camera fixed. Then I can go start doing some B&W photos. Maybe take a couple of Brian being all musical. Yet arty. Any nudes will be tastefully done. I promise.

In other news, the motorsports place next door to the restaurant had the cops there AGAIN today. They just appeared out of nowhere again. Owner was taken away in handcuffs. Good stuff. They had a truck full of engine blocks. Towing all kinds of cars. And had taken over most of the back parking lot. I had to park up front for most of the day. Not too big of a deal, except when you are trying to leave. Luckily, a lot of people were nice and let me out without having to wait too long. I don't know if they saw me loading up bags of food or what. But I'm glad they let me out. :)

Never a quiet day in the life of a pizza manager.

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