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Viva La Revolucion  
12:35pm 06/05/2007
I did have Mexican music playing at work yesterday morning. But only until I left on my first delivery. M didn't seem to be able to take much more of it. I switched it over to the 70s station. When I got back from my next delivery it wasn't on that station anymore either.
"This doesn't sound like the 70s."
"They were playing John Denver. I couldn't take it anymore."
"I understand."

It felt much busier than it was yesterday afternoon. Maybe because I was running all over town taking deliveries. I don't know. The whole day just felt busier than it actually was. I wound up pulling an open/close shift. I didn't mean to, but I saw that the closing supervisor wasn't feeling very well and that my closing driver wasn't exceptionally fast. Especially having gotten lost on a delivery for a half hour. And no cell phone.

So, I awoke today with a headache, a neckache and a stomachache.

I got some breakfast at Molly G's, but I think my stomach still can't handle the greasy food right now. That's good to know.

I think I'm moving my new couch in today. Need to call L and find out. After that I am going to stay in for most of the day and then make my way back to work tonight to do some paperwork. It seems that there is a hearing tomorrow for the dude who broke into my car and pulled a gun on my driver. It's about 1 p.m. I am thinking about going, but I need to be able to leave the store to do that. We'll see if I can manage to swing going to this hearing. Probably won't be able to.

Vera is giving me a death glare. I have no idea why. I'm just glad it's a pretty day out today.
mood: achyachy
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