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Never got to the paperwork. All of a sudden the phone started ringing off the hook around 5 or so. We did a $400 hour. Yeah daddy. And then.


Well, in the middle of all that, I got a call from 4th asking if we had a spare cook, no luck, but I could come over as I had 3 at my store and I was pretty sure they could handle it. So, I told them it would take me an hour, I needed to get us caught up. I made it to 4th in the hour that I said and stayed a grand total of...25 minutes. WTF? It wasn't that busy. *sigh* They did have a huge order right in the middle of the dinner rush, and that backed them up pretty bad, plus they were down 2 cooks. Makes sense. So, I leave and head back to my store and I swear I heard crickets as I walked in. So quiet. When I left, a little after 9, there were only 2 more orders up. We cleared everyone else out pretty quickly when I got back, which was good. Helps labor a bit more.

So, now, I wait. M, one of my drivers, may be up for a drink after work. I told him to give me a call and let me know. But, that before I did anything, it was to take a shower, because I had flour in my bra. Yes. Flour. In. My. Bra.

Sometimes I hate this job. :)

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