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Been a pretty crazy weekend. Stayed pretty late on Friday, had a drink with Char then Matt and Frida showed up then I went over to the 4th. Friday was such a slow day that it was just ridiculous. I'm headed home from 4th and I get a call from my closer that we are $55 short. I head over there, it's almost 1 a.m. and I can't find it either. I recheck everything. Check all the paperwork. Nothing. Well, we found ten cents. Great.

Oh, wait, something else did happen at work. C gets pissed off because I tell her, again, that T can NOT take her home on the way to one of his deliveries. Not allowed. Nope. Can't do it. Liability issue. She gets so pissed at me that she yells, "I'm putting in my two weeks' notice."
"Ok. Make sure you write it out tonight or tomorrow."
And she storms inside and heads out the front door. When T gets back from his delivery I ask him if he took her home. I tell him he's not in trouble, but I want the truth. He denies that this happened, that she went across the street and had her mom pick her up at the grocery store. Fine.

She shows up an hour late on Saturday. I was almost hoping she'd pull a no call/no show so I could send her home on Sunday. I ask her later in the evening, "If you are putting in your two weeks, I need it in writing."
"I changed my mind. I just said that because I was angry."
I just walked out of the office. I was trying really hard not to laugh.

I left there and went over to 4th again. Had a few beers and a few laughs. Kvetched about stuff with J and had a good night.

This morning my phone rings and he needs me to cover his day driver shift. Ok, no problem. I didn't expect to see him there, it was also his day off. Fantastic. We get off about 4 p.m. and have a beer at the bar. A well deserved drink. I make plans to have T cover a driving shift tonight at his store and all is well in the world. Then I get a call about 7:35 from my closer, Mr. C, that they need me to come drive.
"Where is M?"
"His key broke off in the ignition. I only have Mike driving tonight."
"Allright, I'll be there in 20 minutes."
I get about two minutes away from the store and the other super that is there, J, calls me and says, "Are you almost here?"
"Yeah, I'll be there in less than two minutes."
"Um, I didn't know he called you. He panicked. We're fine."
"Ok. Well, I'm here, so I'll see you in a second."
I walk in and the phone isn't ringing, Mr. C is refilling parmesean packets at the front counter and the other driver they called in is about to head off on a delivery.
His biggest concern, Mr. C that is, from the start of his day was the fact that the midday was even.
"I know that doesn't happen."

I just looked at him. Bewildered. Of course it fucking happens. Almost every shift I run the midday is even. WTF?

So, I look at the numbers and see that for an hour there was absolutely no business earlier in the day. That sucks. Then I look and see that they did two $300 hours. Ok, that's pretty busy. Then it tapered off. This is when you play catchup.

To just tell me, "I need more help on Sunday." isn't enough. Tell me WHERE you need the help. Don't dramatize it. I don't do drama. If you pull that shit, then honestly, I'm not going to give you what you are asking for. Because you are being lazy, in my humble opinion.

Secondly, the SECOND the other driver called out because of his car, you should have called me. You tell me you need more help on Sundays and now are down a person...THEN FUCKING CALL ME AND I WILL BE THAT PERSON YOU ARE DOWN!!!

I get a call from him later in the evening, after I safely back in my home in the middle of doing laundry and he tells me, "I've had a really bad day."
I remain silent. Bitch. This is my DAY OFF. Don't tell me about bad days. You just had two fucking days off. In a row. Suck it.
"I'm sure you feel like that all the time. But when I came in, M did her midday and then just bounced out of here. I had to chase her outside to see if there were any X, Y or Zs and she said no. Then I saw that the midday was even and I didn't think that was likely."

I'm gonna stop here for a minute. He's been accusing the other two supervisors from stealing from the till. I also found out he called MY boss and was asking about moving to another store because *I* am not giving him a raise because *I* said that if I gave him one then I had to give everyone else one. Uh, no. I never said that. Secondly, he doesn't DESERVE a raise. That *I* am not ever going to make him Assistant Manager of that store. This is true. Not gonna happen. He isn't of use to me on two of the busiest days of the week, because of his tattooing, and the rest of the time all he does is bitch and moan that he needs more help on a Sunday or Monday night. Work with what you have and make it run efficiently. Ta da!

We'll be having yet another sit down meeting. Especially when I found out that he called the manager of the Broadway store to see if he needed an AM. Then asked if he should call the TV store. Also, has not broached the subject with me about AM since the stealing debacle and the raise thing since about two weeks ago.

I hate this kid. He is starting to really annoy my boss and may be transferring him to 4th. Honestly, I think if he did get transferred to 4th Ave he would quit. I think he would last about a week. I'm NICE compared to J and honestly, the chaos at that store is just ridiculous. Especially on the weekends. Then again, he can't work Friday or Saturday, so I guess he would just never find out how chaotic.

So, he ruined my ice cream date. He's giving me a fucking headache and I'm just sick of him. Absolutely sick. I'm also sick of butting heads with everyone in that store. I want things to be done a certain way, I tell them this and then they do it for a minute and then, they stop. Usually when I'm not there. RAWR!

Laundry is almost finished. I think I'll be retiring early this evening. Hopefully I won't get any phone calls. And what kills me, is that when he redid his midday after M did hers, he's coming up $16 short. "So, you'll know about that if I come up that short tonight."


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