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I started a conversation with Mr. C today regarding last night. He said, "I don't want to close on Sundays anymore."

I asked him why he couldn't handle $700 of business. It's not *that* busy on a Sunday night. Yes, it's slightly more concentrated than it is on most nights of the week, but that is like a Friday morning, where I am working with ONE driver and maybe two other people. Seriously.

So, I told him what I would do was to work Sunday morning with as little labor as possible and next Sunday night he will be working with the other two supers and two drivers. All three of them should be able to handle a Sunday night. M will be running the shift, J will be the closing cook and Mr. C will be the mid cook. That's it. If that shift can NOT run well, then I throw my hands up in despair. I have no other solutions.

He sort of hinted at quitting. Honestly, I wouldn't mind at all. It would be less of a headache for me if he did. We got interrupted in our talk by a customer who wanted to talk to me, I handled her complaint and may have taken down her number incorrectly, but I remembered her, so I took care of the problem. Then there were about seven orders on the delivery screen so I said, "Oh, I better get on the line and help out."

The oldest order was about 20 minutes old and when I got to the line, there were only two orders left to make. So, M and my driver, Mike, were able to handle seven orders that came within about the same time, maybe 1-4 minutes apart and not freak the fuck out. Wow, amazing.

I just shake my head and finish helping on the line. Now that we've been distracted there isn't a way to go back to our little discussion. I vented a bit about it to Char this evening, and Trisk, the waitress at the RG and Trisk said I should just write all my points down and then discuss from there. That way there is documentation, he can write down his rebuttals and it's all down for the record. No way of turning things around on others. Ta Da! Fantastic idea. Since it was too late to do that this evening, and because I had had two beers, I just went back to the store, gathered everything up that I needed for my meeting tomorrow and got out of there. Taken care of. I'll be writing everything down tomorrow and let A look it over. Then he can be a witness to everything.

When I got home tonight I treated myself to a warm lavender bath. Mmmmm. It was fantastic. I feel much more relaxed and pampered. I think I may do this once a week. And now, to watch a tv show or a movie and then bed. I have two wake up calls tomorrow 15 minutes apart so that I will NOT be late for the meeting. :)

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