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(no subject)  
12:25am 23/05/2007
Also, Savage Love this week has a link to a sex survey for some grad student in canada. I seem to have a liberal attitude towards sex, am not a big risk taker and have a fair normal sex drive.

Isn't that nice?

Now I just need to jump someone's bones.
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(no subject)
10:28am 23/05/2007 (UTC)
Nihil Obstat
I like Savage's comment:

"The team apologizes in advance for the heterocentric nature of many of the questions. It has to use standardized questionnaires, most of which were written in the '70s and '80s, back before gays and lesbians were invented."

I also note that the survey 403's under Opera. What the hell is with that?

I checked "agree" to "Males lose respect for females who allow them to have premarital intercourse". They _shouldn't_, mind you, but very often I think they do.

Then they asked me if I was crazy, and I had to say "hell yeah I'm crazy, why do you have to ask me fifty questions to figure that out." Although my getting into arguments all the time is NOT me being crazy, but just me really liking to argue.

My answers indicated that I have a nearly nonexistent sex drive, my attitudes towards sex are precisely as liberal as the national average (I suppose this is because I have no personal interest in group sex), but on the plus side I only got one question wrong on the "sexual knowledge" part of the quiz out of 26.

Presumably I need to not jump someone's bones and get years of extensive therapy. Ho hum.
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(no subject)
08:14pm 23/05/2007 (UTC)
Sign Here: beaver
huh, the link didn't work when i clicked on it. oh well.
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(no subject)
09:25pm 23/05/2007 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Javelinas Rule
I don't even see a link to click on.
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