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After a much deserved day off yesterday in which I cleaned the apartment (THANKS APRIL!), got some stuff at the Target and had some yummy Chinese food, I returned to work this morning.

I took my last $3 and bought myself an iced chai latte at Coffee Times on Speedway. This little drive thru place that has probably the cheapest decent coffee in town. Seriously. I can get a triple shot 20 oz latte for less than $4. Try getting that anywhere else. And it's TASTY!!

Anyways, I got to work and recounted the till about four times. I kept coming up $25 over. I decided to let C count it for me when she got in. I puttered around setting the store up for the day and noticed a deferred order for tomorrow. For $260. Out of our delivery area. *sigh* I was going to call 4th Avenue and transfer it all over to them, but decided, "Screw it. We need the sales and not much happens on a Monday morning anyways. It'll be good for us. And D won't mind driving two lights out of our area." Turns out M felt the same way and even cleared it with D to make sure he was cool with it. He was, he knows he'll probably get at least $20 out of the order. Good man.

C arrived, about a half hour late, as I was, so I couldn't really throw stones. We both agreed that neither of us wanted to be there today. We joked about how we should have both called in sick. I took an order for a delivery about 11:15 a.m. and waited for my day driver to show. 11 came and went and nothing. I told C I would be back, since I had to take it when the day driver called. His girlfriend was in a car accident last night and he was up with her all night at the hospital. I told him not to worry, take the day off, rest and be with your lady. I can cover the shift.

I feel a little bad about this. I had been saying to myself recently, "I need a couple of driving shifts, I need some extra cash." And then this happens. Oops.

Anyways, I wound up spending most of the afternoon on the road. I didn't get done half the things that I wanted to get done at the store, but that's ok. I'll try and get some of it done tomorrow and Wednesday. I can only assume that things went fine this evening as I haven't received any phone calls on the contrary. Let's hope all was well and that the store is still standing in the morning.

I'm glad I had yesterday off. I really needed to not go anywhere near work. I managed to stay away from both my store and 4th Ave. That is a good thing. When I got home, I ate some dinner and tended to my knee after my shower.

I put some triple antibiotic cream on it at work since it was drying out pretty bad and was looking kind of red and angry. Well, that made the scabs moist and I had to travel up a flight of stairs on one of my deliveries. It broke open a couple of the scabs and was kind of oozing. I think I had a bit of an infection in there. That explains a bit of the redness that was still hanging around. When I got back to work, I took a damp napkin to it and got some of the oozing under control. The shower tonight cleaned off extra dead skin (I kind of went a little crazy running the washcloth over it, it also soothed some of the itching) and what not. It looks much better now than it did two days ago. There is still stiffness and weird feelings. I think if it's still weird feeling, like floating kneecap weird feeling, then I may see if I can still go to the doctor on the workmen's comp dollar. I'm giving it until Tuesday.

Anyways, I'm glad my house is cleaner, my kitties have some new toys which they have promptly abandoned. Of course. And I am relaxing for another half hour before I away myself to bed to begin another long day tomorrow.

Oh, and I switched shifts for Wednesday, so I can go to the RG and drink beer and play Scrabble or crosswords or whatever. :) :) :)

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