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I went to the fat lady store this evening. I was on the quest for a new shirt. Just a nice shirt. A flattering shirt. They had some jeans on sale for $10. Oooh, that's $30 off. I like that kind of sale. So, I try on one pair. Looks absolutely terrible. I try on another, not as bad as the first pair, but damn, they are so baggy. I take them to the counter anyways, because well, most of my jeans have holes in the knees. It is no longer the 1980s so this is less acceptable in terms of fashion.

Although, some of you know that I will, on occasion, wear the holey jeans. Mostly because they are very very comfortable.

I digress. I ask the lady at the counter, "Do you have something in a natural waist that isn't so loose through the hip and thigh?"
"Not right now. That's why these are so deeply discounted. We are coming out with a brand new line of jeans to accommodate better the differences in a lot of women. Some of really big butts and smaller waists. Some of insanely small butts and thighs but larger stomachs. Those don't come out until next month, though."

I'm not alone apparently. While I am happy with the small amount of weight loss I have had since I've moved out here, I'm also pissed off. I can't wear half my clothes because they look even worse than usual on me. They are so baggy. I left the baggy clothes phase in high school when I just wanted to wear a garbage bag because I couldn't wear what all the other girls were wearing. Anyways. I did manage to find an ok shirt at Old Navy, but I'm a little iffy on it. I need girl opinions.

In other news, while at the mall I ran into D, he worked in part marking at the warehouse. That area was directly behind the shipping department. There have been a few layoffs over the last year. CML (crazy mexican lady) is no longer there. She was laid off, as was Pit Hair (or Karate Guy as he is known amongst the MGP peeps). Buttrubber is still there. Although, he may not be for much longer. Apparently, the new HR lady is going over peoples' attendance records with a fine tooth comb. BR is CHRONICALLY late. If he made it before 7 a.m. it was cause for celebration. Seriously. Then again, I had a month like that, too. At least my lateness ended. D was happy that I am doing so good, and I'm happy for him that things are going ok for him as well. He was one of the bright spots of the place. He told me he doesn't really go over to the shipping area much anymore. He thinks they were shitty for what they did to me. It's nice to know that I did have the support of at least one guy in that entire fucking place. It was good to see him again. I told him that I had contemplated going over there for lunch one day, but have decided against it. I didn't think I would receive a warm welcome. He agreed. Silly as it is.

I saw a cute pair of shoes tonight, but I talked myself out of them. Nowhere to wear them and shouldn't spend the money on them. I have enough shoes. *chokes* I never thought I'd say that.

Oh, if you've read this far. One of my employees is pregnant. She's due late July/early August. She doesn't really have much, so if anyone out there (preferably locally) has connections with someone who has old baby stuff that they are wanting to give away, drop me a line. We are going to start gathering up a collection at the store for her to get some diapers and stuff. One of the drivers already got a few things for her from Twice as Nice with some credit that he had trading in other things. I have some things that I am going to trade in there and I'm just going to give her the credit so she can pick out whatever she wants for the baby.

Ok, I need to get some sleep. 11 hour day tomorrow. YAY!!

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