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So not feeling going to work today.

I'm watching The Corporation right now. Pretty good flick. I like how they are comparing corporations to the symptoms/characteristics of a psychopath. Fitting since corporations claim that they are actually individuals. Psychopathic individuals. :)

I received no less than three phone calls this morning for work related nonsense. I even broke one of my rules last night and fell asleep before midnight because I was so tired. Only to be woken up by a phone call telling me that we were $20 short. Exactly $20. To me that sounds like a driver's bank. I can only assume that the closing supervisor counted the money correctly when he did the end of day for the drivers, but who knows? Someone made out with $20 and that really pisses me off. I just hope that tonight is drama free. I'm hiring a new guy today to be a driver, probably part cook too, but mostly driver. Hopefully he won't call out quit on his first shift.

I'm still in a bit of a funk, but it will wash away soon. Ok, i'm going to finish watching this movie now.

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