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Things are looking up. That's good. I'm taking my camera with me on Thursday. That should be a good time.

I just finished watching Ratatoiulle (I know I spelled that soooo wrong) and Evan Almighty. The Pixar flick is fantastic. That will be joining my collection. Evan Almighty is eh. The animal jokes are kind of funny, but honestly, Bruce Almighty was funnier. I hope they don't make a third one. And, I'm a little disappointed in John Goodman for being in it. I guess he needed to pay the rent.

I was going to watch 1408, but whoever filmed it kept putting their fingers in front of the lens. I am tempted to go to the movies and see it because I love John Cusack and I like this particular Stephen King story, it's just that, a lot of movies made from his stories kind of suck. And I don't want to pay for suck. At least not that kind. We'll see, I'll read some reviews and make a decision about that later. Maybe it's at the drive-in. That could be fun.

Ok, I need to get some sleep. Meeting and then closing. At least I got a load of laundry done today. Yay!

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