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inspired by porcelain72  
12:45am 27/06/2007
It seems her daughter needs glasses. It got me to thinking about my first pair.

I think I was having trouble seeing the blackboard OR it was one of those mandatory vision and hearing tests. My hearing was fine, as I hadn't been hit in the head with a croquet mallet yet. That came later in life, after those tests weren't done anymore. But, this isn't about my hearing issues. This is about vision.

So, I take home the letter telling my parents to get my eyes checked. Both of my parents wear glasses. Most of the people in my family wear glasses. So, this wasn't anything new to me. I wasn't scared or excited, I think I just accepted it as a part of life. There was a small amount of trepidation in returning to school with glasses, but that was mostly because they would really know that I was a nerd. The school that I went to, being smart wasn't exactly the best thing to me. I would actually throw my grades on purpose during tests or homework assignments so that I didn't get straight A's (or E's for Excellent, A's didn't come into effect until middle school).

I remember that first pair. Oh boy do I. Bright red plastic frames a la Sally Jesse Raphael. Oof. And because I couldn't see far away, my prescription made my eyes seem smaller. My parents couldn't afford fancy lenses, so I had straight up glass. They were heavy. And thick. My eyesight has gotten way worse over the years, but has finally seemed to even out. The glasses I get now are much smaller, wire frames and the lenses aren't as thick because the frames are so small. And I can usually spring for the superty duper polycarbonate space age bullshit that they charge two arms and a leg for.

Of course, in an effort to further hide my nerdiness, I changed to contact lenses my freshman year of high school. I was so excited. I've been in contacts ever since.

At this point in my life, it isn't about nerdiness, it's about sunglasses. I *hate* changing from regular to tinted glasses. It's just ridiculous. All the glasses I ever had didn't have those nifty little clip on things, and honestly, I would just break or lose them. I like being able to go to Walgreen's and buy a pair of $3 clearance sunglasses if I lose or break the ones that I have right now. I remember almost every pair of glasses that I have broken. I remember HIDING the fact that I broke one pair of glasses because I kept falling asleep in them. They were wire frames, my first pair. I loved them so much because they weren't those huge plastic things. I was so afraid that my parents would make me go back to plastic. Luckily, they didn't when they found out. Thank goodness.

I've thought about LASIK. In a perfect world, it would fix my eyesight to where I wouldn't even need glasses for reading. But, I'd still be happy to wear them for those purposes. And it would be nice to not be blind when I wake up in the morning, searching for my glasses on the nightstand. We'll see. Need to save up some cash for that little surgery. If I'm even eligible.

So, do I like my glasses now? Sure. They have become a part of my daily routine. I almost bought a new pair that would have the clip on shades. But, I didn't have the $350 that they would have cost for the superty duper lenses that I wanted. Plus the clip on shades. So, they went by the wayside. Maybe when I get my tax refund I'll get myself a new pair of glasses. Give my eyes a rest for a while. Although, the one thing that I really dislike about glasses is lack of peripheral vision. Really sucks for driving. REALLY. So, I wouldn't wear them if I was pulling a drive shift. I wonder how bad the flour would stick to the glasses. Probably destroy them. Damn.

But, at least I'd look awesome in them. :)
mood: reminiscentreminiscent
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09:13am 27/06/2007 (UTC)
Nihil Obstat
My first pair of glasses? I was five. Only kid in my kindergarten class with glasses. The buggers were thick, too- you can't tell this today, because they've developed all this extremely advanced technology to make lenses thinner and more durable, but I have a pretty high prescription. Not as bad as it was in my mom's day, when they were actually made out of glass and literally _were_ coke-bottles, but by contemporary standards they would look huge and chunky. When I hit high school I flirted with contacts for a while, but again, my prescription is so high I couldn't wear soft contacts and had to do the gas permeable things, and the things hurt the hell out of my eyes. By college I got into "nerd chic" and decided that glasses were, in fact, hella sexy. I wouldn't say it really qualifies as a full-fledged fetish, especially compared to all the other ones I have, but I do find them pretty damn fetching. My biggest problem is that I tend never to get my eyes re-checked; as a result, I am blind as a bat despite the glasses. I really shouldn't be driving at all. I've put getting a comprehensive eye exam first on my list of things to do when I get a job, but, well, hasn't happened yet.

Have never considered LASIK. If I did that, they wouldn't let me be an astronaut. Now I know I couldn't be an astronaut anyway, for a wide variety of reasons, but I'm still not willing to give up that last shred of hope. Plus, you know. Glasses = sexy.

As for sunglasses, I don't wear them, because (1) I don't live in freaking Arizona and (2) I don't ever actually go outside. But on the rare occasions I do rock the shades, I prefer the big chunky motherfuckers that fit over your glasses. They're boxy, but they're good.
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