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My family is nuts

It's true.

No, really.

I talked with Aunt Gloria today, she's having a spat with one of her sisters over the grandchildren. That's a whole thing I'm not even bothering to go into. Anyways, she was telling me about one of my cousins.

He married this girl, M, about 2 years ago. She was all of a sudden pregnant, even before the honeymoon. WOW! Amazing you might say. Not if you are getting it on before you get married. Bad little Catholics. Anyways. So, he just found out that he is going into foreclosure on his house and his cars. Why you ask? Well, he works for the fire department and she's a realtor. Or so he thought. She's been telling him for months that she's making lots of money selling real estate, so not to worry about the bills, she's taking care of everything.

Except, she wasn't. She's been writing bad checks all over town, not paying the mortgage, car notes or credit card bills. Oops. Oh, and she's not a realtor. It's true. She's a receptionist at a Dodge dealership. I somehow doubt that is big money. She also doesn't even have her realty license. Oops again. Oh, and she's pregnant again. The kid may not be his. She's got two or three guys calling her at all hours of the night. While my cousin, her husband, is lying next to her in bed, and she's talking to them on the phone! And letting him hear part of the conversations. WTF?

So, impending divorce, he's filing for bankruptcy, apart from her (as advised by the attorney) and getting a DNA test on the kid once it is born. At least we know the first one is his, she looks just like him.

How did I turn out to be the normal one? Seriously.

In other news, right now there are phone repair people at the store. I had no idea they were coming. Isn't that nice of corporate to let me know?

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