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A very special Happy Birthday to


I had the pleasure of her company last night on her most fabulous birthday celebration. A stop at Hooters for wings, fries and overpriced beers (well, after happy hour anyway) and boobs. Lots of boobs. Apparently our waitress was a semi finalist or something in the Hooters Arizona competition. I have no idea. But, the DVD was playing on repeat. I saw a lot of boobs.

Then we went to Chuy's. I didn't know about the karaoke. But, it was April's birthday, so I went anyways. I ordered nachos for the table, they were ginormous, but they taste better at the RG. The taps were down for beer, so I had to drink bottles on the first round, then it was magically working again. Now, here's the funny thing about this place. There were signs EVERYWHERE for Killian's Irish Red. They don't serve it. WTF???

So, I was drinking Dos Equis all night long. *sigh* I've been spoiled by Kiltlifter. Some parties put April's name in to sing Motorhead's Ace of Spades, but she doesn't know the words, so she didn't sing it. Oh well. :)

It was a nice night,no phone calls about things blowing up. Nice and uneventful. It wasn't until I got home, around 1:00 a.m. that I got a call from work. Over for the night about $50. Found it this morning, my closer entered one credit account twice. :)

So, to April. One of the absolutely coolest people I know. Thanks for helping me make my move out here, thanks for being out here so that I knew to move out here and thanks for being you. You definitely make the world a better place. Especially with the magic towel, may it rest in peace.


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