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I passed out last night. Just, wham, passed out. I guess it all caught up with me, finally. I pulled my shift yesterday. It was dead dead dead dead dead and slow. I managed to get all my paperwork finished before 3 p.m. That's how slow it was. Hung out with Brian and Lisa while they had a slice and then Lisa and I went over to Factory 2 U because they were having a clearance sale. Ooooo clearance sale!!! I got a couple more polos for work. Yay!

But, after I had dinner last night, I started watching The Queen and just passed out. I barely heard the phone ring about two hours later. It was work. They were having printer problems. I walked them through it while I was working very hard not to pass out while talking to them on the phone. Then, the phone rang about thirty minutes later. I managed to move myself from the couch to the bedroom at this point, and told me that they were short. I was in no condition to try to figure it out right then and there, so I told them I'd check it in the morning. I'm closing the next two nights, so hopefully it'll go much smoother. I may take a nap before I go in today. That's how awesome the sleeping was last night. With the exception of a couple of disturbing dreams I had. One of which included being violated sexually. That one was not very pleasant at all. Maybe I've been watching too much SVU or something. Need to pull back on the tv viewing I guess.



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