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(no subject)  
01:03am 05/07/2007
That was me tonight *points at icon*.

I got in at 3, as i was scheduled and it was a tomb. No music, no tv, so quiet. I rather enjoyed it actually. The phone started up about 4 and didn't stop until 10:30. Luckily, we close at 10. A lot of people were surprised we were open. I don't understand why they are always surprised that we are open. Mother's Day and Easter were the worst. "You guys are open? Really? Can I get delivery?"


It wasn't a crazy night, but it was just steady and busier than it had been in a while. That was a nice change of pace. I figured it would die down about 8, so I sent my two midshift people home around 7 and said that my closers and I could handle it. We did, but one delivery was a little late. Otherwise, it was a great shift. I was very pleased with everyone's performance. Now, I just need them to wear their fucking name tags. *sigh*

I wanted to clarify a few things that I wrote in my last post, I don't want it to seem like I'm this evil YOU MUST DO EVERYTHING ON YOUR OWN! RAR! type person. Because I'm not. Doing everything on your own is silly. You do need a helping hand every now and then. I wouldn't be where I am today without a helping hand. But, I guess it's just this visceral reaction to this trend of constant rewarding of what you should be doing anyways. You should get an education. It will help you later in life. Done, end of story. That's just how it is. I, seriously, and this is just for a pizza place, will not hire someone who can't follow simple instructions on filling out the application form.
"If this job requires driving, do you have a valid driver's license and insurance?"
And then, they are applying for a cook and they answer that question. Cooking does not involve driving. End of story. That one misstep, with me, will not get you to be an employee. One of my old managers would not hire someone who didn't wear a watch. I asked him why, and was glad that I was wearing one. He replied that he didn't hire people who didn't have a watch because they have no sense of time. Now, this is before cell phones. This was when pagers were the big thing. And, it made sense. How will you know if you are going to be late if you don't know what time it is?

I think I'm rambling again. krchicken mentioned the rewarding of employees with gift certificates and what not for doing their job. It has gotten out of hand. I heard one woman on NPR who works for a bank and is happy to receive these incentives for doing her job. Because it makes her feel good. I would rather have the raise that shows you appreciate the work that I do and tell me that I am getting the raise because I am performing above the level that is set for my position instead of giving me a $25 gift certificate to the Outback Steakhouse. Save the money on buying that shit and give me the raise. Simple as that. Don't just hand this stuff out willy nilly because someone smiled at a customer. They are SUPPOSED to smile at the customer. That's what customer service is about.


I need some sleep. Tomorrow is day 24. :)
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(no subject)
03:24pm 05/07/2007 (UTC)
fermi_daza: dirty martini
If this job requires driving, do you have a valid driver's license and insurance?

I'd be the one to answer that question because it doesn't specifically say, "If you are applying for the position of cook, do you have a valid driver's license and insurance?"

I'd be thinking, maybe they will need me to drive, for whatever reason (pick up stuff from other stores maybe?) or maybe they might need me to fill in for a driver here and there, so I'd want to let them know I can drive if the job requires it. Unless I knew specifically that my job wouldn't entail driving, I'd answer the question anyway.

If I applied, you would have lost out on a smart, conscientious, dependable, productive employee.

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(no subject)
02:53am 06/07/2007 (UTC)
Ah, but if they put down that they were applying for cook, then driving wouldn't be an issue. Or, they could just ask. I'd rather they ask than just fill it out. I encourage questions, that way you don't screw it up. :)
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