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(no subject)  
11:24pm 05/07/2007
Saw Leila Lopez for the first time tonight. She's not bad. If I owned a cd of hers, it would probably be good for chill out music. Something light and snazzy.

I met with Matt at the DQ for some blizzards before the show. The weather was fantastic. I saw the power go out along Broadway as I was driving and I couldn't help but laugh. Maybe I really am losing my mind.

I got to chat a bit with the HAM while I was at Plush. It was nice actually talking to him again, unfortunately, it was mostly about work stuff. Which leads me to my earlier conversation with Heather. I feel like I'm this insanely boring person right now. All I can talk about is work. work work work work. If you look back at my last entries over the past few weeks, hell, days, it's just about work. I put in my app to work with ARF, but I haven't had a chance to make good on that.

This day off will do me good. I'm going to see Transformers Saturday night with Matt and Bryan and maybe Brian and whoever else we can wrangle together to go to the drive in. :) There is also mp3 player shopping and perhaps watching movies earlier in the day with Char. oooo the power just flickered again.

I love this weather.
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(no subject)
04:09pm 06/07/2007 (UTC)
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def! i think i might actually make enough progress today to devote a couple of hours one sat to fun stuff! what do you think about getting together around 10:30?
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(no subject)
08:21pm 06/07/2007 (UTC)
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Saw Leila Lopez for the first time tonight.

It's such a strange coincidence; just last night, as I was walking to my car, I found a copy of her CD that someone must have burned and later dropped on Fourth Avenue. I'll have to give it to you.
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